League of Angels

League of Angels

You get into a world where Dark lord is controlling everything and binned all good. Once there were beautiful angels but they are now powerless and only you can help. Choose one of the heroes and give them freedom once again.
There are now many and many browser-based MMO games. Many adds offer us some challenge in castle building or experience some adventures. Can we even choose the right one? It’s pretty hard so we tried and explored one MMO game which will grant you a great graphics, fast PvP moves and strong story.

League of Angles doesn’t need to be downloaded, just register, log in and you play. Then you immediately get into the world of Dark lord and you meet first angel who will become your guide in this place.

First quests arrive and challenges soon appear and they aren’t tough to deal with. Then just listes and look around and you shouldn’t have big problems progressing. The tutorial ends by choosing the class of your hero and giving it your name, however, you can choose only warrior or wizard. Then you get into a village and your fight with evil begins.

The main commodity is coins here that can be easily collected and exchanged for weapons or nice advantages. Winning fights, fulfilling quests are the best way how to become rich. The UI is pretty simple, everything is nicely shown and you are just one or two clicks form everything important.

The controls are just through your mouse. The game doesn’t have any separated modes as many MMO games but you can take part in events and instances, these can offer some more challenge but the reward is even bigger. Daily challenges is just even more bonus content. Those who want to compare their powers against other players can join Boot camp which is something like arena.

League of Angles is one well-made game thanks its graphics, fast-paced action and fights. The world is not confusing and you always know what to do. The story is immersing and everyone will be able to enjoy it.



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Rinai | 30.01.15 pm31 12:29

Typical Webrowser game. Nothing special. Yeah, 18+ content sometimes.


League of Angels League of Angels League of Angels League of Angels

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