League of Legends - perfect game?

League of Legends - perfect game?

And here it finally comes. The legendary hit, played by millions and moved into e-sport, has found way to our website. It was great pleasure and honor playing League of Legends through several weeks and enjoying the new drug.
But before I begin moving you into the world of League of Legends I must confess something. I spent almost hundred hours playing but there is still feeling that my game knowledge only scratched the surface without feeling the real core. And you know what? This feeling is at almost every player..

DotA and beginning
There is one thing that Leauge of Legends isn’t – first. This placement and possibility to offer new game system belong to DotA. Warcraft 3 players will surely remember the days playing unofficial map Defense of the Ancients (DotA), controlling one of heroes trying to destroy enemies and main structures. DotA became legends but legends too must make place to new leaders.

What is League of Legends?
For those who haven’t met LoL there is one story to be told. The fantastic world, where the battles always ruled, isn’t anymore. It was replaced by “summoners” who are able to control champions chosen by them. The battle and win is decided through destruction of the main building belonging to one of the teams made up to 3 or 5 champions. That’s Leauge of Legends. Easy to understand but mastering the game is almost impossible. Now you know that you get some hero under your control but your character and personality of summoner is represented as well, gaining experience, investing skill points into one of three skill trees and buying special runes.

Choosing the heroes begins, when two teams are created for classic map Fields of Justice or newer Dominon (explanation later) and then getting into the battle itself. The champions gain experience and money through fight and kills using several skills as well. For money, you buy better weapons, armor, equipment or potions. The whole battle ends after one of the main buildings is destroyed, you get experience for your character and IP points (just wait a moment), so you can move into another game.

League of Legends turned famous especially thanks the huge choose of champions that can be controlled. Over 106 and more are coming soon and it’s possible to say that each champion is original. Some skills and spells may look similar but the characteristic, visual and effectiveness are different.

The whole bunch can be split into three basic groups. Classic champions who hold their lane, junglers – those guys are moving among lanes, invading space between them, attacking neutral creatures and helping the lanes. We shouldn’t forget the support role where many champions rule. The support is mostly the decision point of many battles. The classes and use of heroes is, as usually, split into mages, warriors, assassin, ranged fighters and more, plus many combine several classes together. It’s up to summoners what kind of fight, use, spells and play prefer. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to know all the champions, their potential and stats.

Fields of Justice
The most popular and played game mode is the DotA copy. The DotA players found in Fields of Justice their original and, at first, they didn’t approve it too much. However, as the time showed, they started loving League of Legends.

Imagine a map with two bases in each corner. The bases are connected by three main roads called lanes and split by a river in the middle. There are several paths in the “jungle” connecting the lanes and containing various creatures, neutral monsters appear along the river as well. Some of them give only money but some offer huge temporary bonuses.

From every base a hordes of minions travel through the three lanes and these guys are the main money and experience generator. If you are the last one who hit and kill a minion you get some amount of money. These guys aren’t really too strong as champions but if you destroy one of three inhibitors in the enemy base the missions grow much stronger.

Fighting is almost nonstop and concentration with cooperation is needed all the time. If you play well, work together and don’t die too often you should be able to push the opponents, destroy the guard turrets and finish the game by crushing the main building called Nexus. The game can take twenty minutes (the shortest I experinced) but it’s possible to play for one hour or longer. When one team really fail there can be voting about giving up the game.

TTwisted Treeline is the next map in this mode but the fight is 3vs3. Fields of Justice is 5vs5 only. My favorite role was support so I didn’t experience too many fight on Twisted Treeline which is more fighting champions preferred.

Among recent updates we can count the newest mode Dominion. The map is called The Crystal Scar and the goal of the game is control up to “bases”. The more your party owns the faster is the opposing team losing points. The first zero loses the game. Forget about patient waiting, this is more action tempted fun.

I really cannot tell you how many items and their combinations exists. Dig deep into spell, attack, defense things or use health giving pieces or if you are in need of mana there are good items as well. Many of them combined create more powerful results. There are so many combos you won’t be able to remember or follow them in perfection. No perfect combination is assured and every champion is mostly in need of something different than the others.

More small details
Every summoner gains experience and levels up until the level cap 30. Then the only higher skill he gets is the game skill itself but future learning comes always with a new champion. Then you must keep an eye on the runes that can be bought for IP points. The runes give you small boost in mana, defense, attack, speed, and other things imaginative.

Where Riot Games get money?
I indicated new champions. The trick is that only some champs are for free every week and the rest must be bought. You can use the IP points but sometimes the price is really high and those who don’t want to wait is the possibility to buy special Riot Points for real money. The next great money making article is skinns of the champions. Once again, you have great choice of variety and originality. However they can be bought only for Riot Points.

Never ending gameplay
When you learn the basic, after several well, and you have bought enough champions, you may try ranked game. There you compete for ranking position and fame. I have been playing Leauge of Legends more than month and I wasn’t brave enough trying this part which feel more professional.

No more words are needed, League of Legends can become a drug for someone and perfection in interactive fun. Thanks the simple control, gameplay, huge players base and almost no end possibilities you won’t get bored at all.



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Rinai | 30.01.15 pm31 12:27

Well, it's not MMO RPG. It's Moba.


League of Legends - perfect game? League of Legends - perfect game? League of Legends - perfect game? League of Legends - perfect game? League of Legends - perfect game? League of Legends - perfect game? League of Legends - perfect game?

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