Sharpen your sword, put on armor and buy potions and go fighting. New MMORPG Panzar will get you and won’t let you go. Give it a chance!
Free to play model is everywhere like an illness. The really good games among them can be counted on one hand. So how good is Panzar? A Game giving you chance to fight in team fights running on CryEngine 3.

Panzar has, comparing other games, some originality inside. The whole gameplay is around eight classes – Berserk, Tank, Inquisitor, Ice Queen, Fire Sister, Paladin and Shooter. Each character is specific and unique. Tank is represented by a three meters tall orc making mess everywhere and destroying foes with his club. Or the Ice Queen may not be so strong but she uses powerful spells to freeze down her enemies and can become a huge support in your team. Then there is the Shooter guy who can create teleport and towers. The team fight is all about cooperation. Fight without being in your role and help others is like wizard without mana.

So each players and character has his own place but if you miss Paladin, then you can say goodbye to the battle, he is the only healer. Panzar isn’t stupid brawl game, you have to think, take cover and hope that you beat the enemy before he destroys your group.

The variety of modes and arenas is really big and it won’t happen that you start loving one or more of them. Mostly, it’s all about conquering key points and their defense for certain time. Some modes are about defenders and attacker only, there you can enjoy catapults, TNT explosions or boiling oil.
Each MMORPG should have a level up system. Believe me when I say you will love chasing the experience points in Panzar. Any action, success, good fight or just doing what you should is rewarded. Kill, cooperation, healing, all this stuff can give you experience points. So it’s only up to you how well you can play and how many experience you get.

Each new character level increases classical attributes as health, mana, critical hits but you will unlock special skills on the skill tree as well. That’s the classic we know in many games. Crafting system is rich as well. You get resources or items from the battles too and you can use them or combine to create powerful items. It all works here.

The only wrong thing about this game can be the players themselves, sometimes they just don’t cooperate. The microtransaction system could be done better. You can play Panzar without paying a dollar but it takes much more time to reach the higher levels without premium account. However, don’t hesitate and try the game. Besides the graphic orgy you will just love the gameplay in this fantasy world.



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Rinai | 30.01.15 pm31 12:28

Money in this game means almost everything. Noob players can be like pro in 5 minutes.


Panzar Panzar Panzar Panzar Panzar Panzar Panzar Panzar Panzar

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