Might & Magic Heroes Online

Might & Magic Heroes Online

Come and dive into battles and adventures when travelling the world of Might & Magic. Challenge ancient dragons or other players. Hire soldiers and create powerful army to defeat all the enemies.
The older players will know the strategy series Might & Magic Heroes for sure. It shouldn’t be so surprising because it had 6 games. The newest one is for free and is called Heroes Online. Does it find among the best pieces or is the reality different?

The Online brother takes a lot from his ancestors but you won’t find some content or typical things as well, some things are totally changed. It’s a question if it shapes the result in a good or bad way. For example the game isn’t turn-based anymore. The player moves in the real time around the map. Only the fights are in the turns. The whole game style is changed and simplified. It’s maybe for the players who are new into the universe. T

he city building is here as well as the resources collecting job. However, the city building is under free to play rules, this means waiting time until the process of building is finished and after that you can move to the next piece. Recruiting units is the same story, nothing is immediately but if you can get it all in the same moment if you pay.

There are still some good news, the fights and combat are still fund like in the old times. Each unit has a basic attack and a special skill. As you travel the world you always find something, sometimes you get artifacts to improve your hero or some great challenges.

Heroes are represented by two classes for good and bad sides. Knight and mage are the good guys, necromancer and dark knight represent evil of Ashan. Each fight and move give you precious experience and leveling up increases attack, luck and other stuff.

Travelling the world of Ashan is still fun and great adventure. It’s not only that Heroes Online look nice but it’s easy and fun to play. You may find some mistakes or unpleasant surprises but only if you are an older players.



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Rinai | 30.01.15 pm31 12:34

M&M + Online?! Awesome!


Might & Magic Heroes Online Might & Magic Heroes Online Might & Magic Heroes Online Might & Magic Heroes Online Might & Magic Heroes Online

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