The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online

Have you always dreamed about becoming a mayor of one growing city? Then you can join this game, it will turn your dreams into reality!
The Settles Online is browser-based MMO game based on the strategy series which is quite world known. If you know some of the games then you will easily understand the principles of the game. But if you are a new player, I will explain few things
You begin with a clear, green land so you can build and turn it into anything you wish. Begin by creating woodcutters to gain basic material then make fisherman huts, or to have some soldier construct barracks. Most of the buildings are connected, or must be, to create working economy. For example the cut wood must be sent into sawmill. When you have enough planks you can begin construction of other buildings, blacksmiths can make tools for workers, and so on.

If you lack of some material you need to concentrate to this production, making the game quite an interesting fun where you need to think. Any wrong planning turn the whole economy into stagnation and the whole nation will suffer and your rank will lower down.

After you feel satisfied with the economy, you can turn your attention to exploration and missions. They act as the possibility to unlock new areas or to destroy some bandits and get reward.

The Settles Online is a really good strategy game with a fine F2P content making it one of the best MMO games.



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fdrty | 01.07.15 am31 00:16

thank yuo


Rinai | 30.01.15 pm31 12:36

Yep, time limit is really pain in ass. Economy is the key to this game.


The Settlers Online The Settlers Online The Settlers Online The Settlers Online The Settlers Online

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