Come and become one of the most famous or feared ninja in the world who bounds the characters from Naruto and Bleach serial and movies. Just select your favorite person. Let it stretch and learn some tricks. It’s an amazing fun.
The beginning may give you some clues about the size of the world in front of you. You are given to choose from several villages that are your homes. I was thinking for some time if my choice closes some places but in the whole game I didn’t bump into this type of problem and you may visit everything. But you have to come from somewhere.

Welcome apprentice

The first half an hour is about exploring the world around you. Most of things are a bit chaotic at first (I hadn’t played similar game yet) but most of things are easy to learn and get used to. The first feeling being lost is changed for joy of several activities and things you can enjoy.

The game is very intuitive. I may have got lost few times in the game during the beginning part, especially thanks the icons and lists, but with some praxis the game become easy to play. The tutorial isn’t blunt and everything is nicely described and part of the main story.

Fight, fight and more fight

Because the game is an action, brawl RPG game, the main content is about fighting. They take place almost everywhere and they are fully automatic. Mostly, they are part of hundreds (yes, really hundreds) quests and tasks. The quest may be a bit monotonous and they mostly look in this style – you go to the town hall to get a task about getting X things from X enemies, you go to kick some asses, return and get some reward. The whole thing sounds really boring but it has one huge plus.

The game is entertaining thanks the main and side stories. There is always something to follow, read and listen to. You can just quickly click through the texts but you will lose over 50% of the joy. So when you fight 20th same monster in the row you still feel that you are getting somewhere. In some moments, stories could become chaotic but that’s normal with anime serials and I didn’t have some terrible feelings about it in the end.

The fight and fighting system isn’t, luckily, only about dungeons, fields and hills but you can compete in the arena as well. It offers NPC opponents or the live ones. Deciding for an NPC character the fight is mostly easy but fighting PvP is about choosing the right skills and tactics.

It’s nice that you can make a chain attack when you fight monster totally automatic. You can wait or use special currency to end the brawls and get the reward. This style costs special action points which are needed for this part. There are classic hit points and magic points as well.

Strange items and great skills

All the things, that can be found and collected, are so numerous that they won’t get into Cat’s (from Red Dwarf) wardrobe. Various clothes, armor, weapons, potions, animals, atd. can turn you into a shiny hero in a golden armor or a dirty transvestite. Everything has its points and bonus effects or possibility to combine them with something else. Everybody will find or buy what likes or needs. When talking about the items, I should write that the deciding moment in the beginning influences what you can or cannot wear. Some things are only for specific hero type or origin.

It’s always great to have game with big number of skills. As you improve, you unlock new and more powerful attacks or spells. These skills are mostly about being very original. Exactly these things are the most important in the PvP fights, especially when you fight the same level.

Colorful orgies

The technical and visual part of the game? Amazing. And if you like showy colors, then double the amazement. The used colors are mostly balanced and nice looking but you sometimes visit a crazy rainbow kingdom. Personally I didn’t mind it. I will be glad if the audio comes out as soundtrack. When exploring, fighting or doing other activities, the game always chooses the best track.

Ninjwaz is just great action, RPG game. There are many activities to try. The fight is the main content but if you start exploring other stuff you always find something new or different to do… if you get bored with hitting monkeys, snails or bandits. The quests and task could be more diverse but as I said – there is great story.

Become a ninja here.


Štěpán Plachý / Twister


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