Las Vegas is a city in the middle of a desert and the only existence is able thanks the waves of tourist coming for some gamble. Why not creating similar city in the virtual world?
CasinoRPG is trying to succeed on a place where not many game creators want to go. Combine Poker, BlackJack or slot machines fun in your own casino. You begin only as an ordinary player or employee but if you are lucky and show some skill you can become owner of your own casino.

The journey begins at your home where you have some basic equipment and few dollars in the pocket. The game shows the basics but it’s mostly stuff you know. You just go into the first casino to play. CasinoRPG, in the time I played it, offered three basic games.

The most pouplar is Texas hold 'em. Each player gets two cards and after rounds of betting there are five cards shown for all the players. If, at least, two players stay in the game till the end they show their cards and better combination wins. Then there is BlackJack. Each cards has its own value, jack, queen and king are for 10 and ace gives 11. You bet and hope for good cards to reach 21. If you get over 21 you lose. Dealer does the same and if you or him keep it under 21 the closer number to the border wins. And of course the casino won’t be accomplished without slot machines. So far only one type is available but the authors are working on more. You just bet choose the lines and watch if you get some same picture or motives together to win. Of course there are more rules to follow.

But playing these games isn’t your main goal, you need to make enough money and reach level 10. Reaching this point unlocks possibility buying some parcel and opening your own casino. Then you just invest into the equipment and hope for many gamblers. If you do well you can increase the casino levels, putting some new floors up and getting higher level players in. It’s a really cool content and idea and it actually works here. The problem can be getting to the level 10, it takes a lot of time and you will need around 6 hours of gameplay, if you are lucky.

Reaching the needed level can be easier thanks NPC characters in the game giving you tasks as winning certain number of games or getting certain combinations in Poker. It’s interesting and keeping the routine on the bearable levels. Another cool thing is that you can literally lose everything in the gamble but you can always find a job and get some dollar for the next round of trying. The more you work and higher level you are and the more money is given you as reward. And the last good point is equipping your home, if you have enough money.

If you combine all the points of the game you find out that it offers a lot of fun, entertainment and goal for many hours. The three games offer isn’t anything special but if the authors work hard it can be much more. Opening your own place is question of luck and some repetitive gameplay and the city feels a bit static, some more building, things, items could be nice as well.



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