Blood and Jade

Blood and Jade

Welcome in the Ancient China. Forget the things you know in the normal life, here you will experience old traditions, religions and a lot of fun.
Blood and Jade is absolutely new thing among browser-based MMORPGs. You have to think if there aren’t too many games running on the same engine and so they look very similar. But then you just feel the need to visit the old world and you try a new game. I played Blood and Jade in the time of alpha and Open Beta but even there I couldn’t find to many bad things about the game. Let’s say that this game is a better classic with minimum surprises.

Choice of classes and heroes belongs among the less good things. Everyone begins with the same guy only the gender can be decided. On the other hand each player can decide what path he will choose and what preferable items he will collects. This leads to building your own position in groups and among other player. But this belongs to the late part of the game. Don’t worry you will get the pretty soon.

The beginning phase of the game offers newbie protection to the level 30 and you just get used to the rules of the world. You take and fulfill tasks which look quite similar. Just meet some NPCs, run on a certain place, crush all the enemies and repeat. Sometimes you are able to find better item but all these take about two hours until you have unlocked all the sections of your UI as mount, shop, goddess who will follow you and various bonuses.

Then you finally get into the mid part of the game and you start looking for guilds because the whole make is made and controlled by the player. And of course after level 30 instances, arenas are unlocked and you aren’t under protection anymore. Even your skills turn into variations and you have to choose the path you will follow. You can become a tough guy with high attack or you can stay back as a support. This means choosing the right items and equipment as well. The experience is represented by Chi which is gained by almost any action and activity you do. Fight in the world, explore instances or just mediate. All the stuff as mounts and items can be upgraded and improved and the game is very rewarding so gifts and money aren’t too big problem.

Alright, the content is too different in comparison with other game but you get some good feeling of a fast progression to the important parts of the game. Plus rich number of items and collectable pushes you further. Another big plus is that even when the game runs on an older engine the authors were still able to push it to the limits and Blood and Jade just looks amazing with the best graphics possible.
Blood and Jade can be truly recommended. If you don’t want an original game and you are just looking for a magical world following good old rules then the game is really better than the competition.



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Blood and Jade Blood and Jade

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