Dragon Eternity

Dragon Eternity

Would you like controlling your own dragon? I bet you that yes. Well, this browser game craziness in Dragon Eternity is for free and gives you a lot of possibilities. Just have enough patience and don’t be afraid of clicking and clicking.
During the registration, you choose from two sides – Vaalor and Sadar (gender is decided as well), I was having some feeling of epicness. The vision of having your own dragon to look after, train and defeat your foes was just great and totally false.

Everyone begins from scratch

Don’t ask me why most of the games put you into a skin of totally weak newbie who doesn’t know or cannot do a thing. This game is no change and you may look like clone of Rambo or Arnold but you wear almost no equipment and use only the basic you are given from your commander

The story and the whole game is strongly quest-driven. They tasks and mission are basically about reading them, visiting some NPC, have chat with he or she, going to slain something of the Dragon Eternity fauna, return, chat again and finish the task. The conversations sometimes uncover part of the world’s background but generally, it’s slightly useless activity. Don’t worry you will have a dragon…

To avoid getting lost, the game has good navigation thanks useful arrows and marked enemies. You meet really huge choose from things that can be attacked and enjoy some nice brawl (Grohls, deserters, hunters, strange and wild animals, enemies in heavy armor). It doesn’t matter if you know or don’t know who is who, the choose is nice and big. To know who can be attacked and who avoided the levels under the creatures are colored. This gives you hint who can be an easy pray and who a deadly trap.

As you level up, the arena gets unlocked and you can begin some very wild brawls. The opportunities in instance shouldn’t be missed as well.

Absolutely stupid fights

Now, I’m getting to content I hate most. The fights and battles are turned based but that’s still ok. What’s wrong is that you have must watch the fight and be there all the time. You must choose from attack, defensive or mana stance. Each of these strategies should give you some bonus and tactic opportunities – higher damage, defense or increased mana gain – but I didn’t see any difference when using them. When you attack in groups and you have your own pet then the enemies switch among you, your pet or your colleagues without any visible system. And I repeat, you must click on the battle stance or you won’t attack. The automatic fighting is totally omitted and with the no logic fight I missed it a lot. Don’t worry there will be a dragon…

Dragon and climbing to the level 16

Yes my dear friends, the dragon is available only after passing special task, gaining an item called Amulet of Melding an reaching the level 16. After this, the dragon (you can choose the type and gender) joins the game. You surely understand that the way of obtaining this creature is filled with boring fights and only after this unpleasant content the brawls get more interesting with more possibilities. There is even an possibility to train the dragon but I didn’t have the nerves to play it so hardcore. Only getting to the level 6 was about five day of intensive gaming and over 50 fights. Getting to the next level was about collecting an extreme number of experience. No, thanks a lot.

I admit another thing. The push to play Dragon Eternity wasn’t form the dragon possibility but from the game’s screenshots and pictures. The world, countryside, villages or castles are slightly different in visual than you probably know. All is form a farther view and the sceneries can be moved with. This part is the best from the game and when you aren’t crying thanks the terrible fights you can please the eye. The world looks alive.

Before I close the whole review and should mention the big offer of items. Weapons, armor, potions, ring, amulets – all can be worn and it appears on the main hero. But it’s with one unpleasant fact. Most of the things are for close combat. If you prefer pure magician style gaming you should immediately forget this game.

Dragon Eternity is absolutely not for everyone. Those who last and get to the level 16 and won’t get bored with the simplicity (almost stupidity) around the fights have some chance finding this browser game entertaining for longer period. But it wasn’t me and I’m going to play some sci-fi game right now.

Try to get to the dragon here.



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