Game of Thrones Ascent

Game of Thrones Ascent

Today we will have something special. Especially the fans of Game of Thrones books and TV series should come closer. A new game arrived into the MMO world and gives you chance to get your place among famous and powerful.
Game of Thrones Ascent is a really fine gift. Most of the similar games combining RPG and strategy elements are a bit old now or just don’t give anything new. Howerver Game of Thrones Ascent takes the the best things from the classics and gives some small new things. As always you begin by forming your character but forget about any super skills or hero powers. Begin from basics and climb the ladder of chaos.

The game is split into few sections which are nicely connected. The most of the time you will spend in the RPG elements but I would start giving pluses to the storyline. You will appear in various parts and stories of the books and series and as you decide and make decisions you will form your character and family. You can become webweavers or follow the path of honor and truth. You can form new ideas of follow the old gods. These decisions may not be so game changing as the authors say but you will see some effect of theirs.

As you make decisions you will fall into problems which bring the RPG elements and your hired NPCs. In this tough world you cannot fight alone and you have to hire various characters fighting, trading or spying for you or do more stuff. When you get into a hairy situation and you need to solve some conflict or surprising situation you send one of your NPCs by giving them orders what to do according their skills and powers. According them the guy wins or loses. There are many things how to deal and act and you will take into account not only the power but their equipment and bonuses as well. Your decisions play its roles here as well.
But where will you take the equipment? Here comes the building part. As usually you have some castle as your home and this means constructing worships, towers, temples which allow crafting and money making. So for example if you want a better sword for your NPC you need to gather certain material and forge or craft. This leads to various items and bonuses. Each building can be upgrades unlocking more possibilities and more powerful items.

Your heroes aren’t the only guys who will get better, even you level up and gain experience which can give you various skills improving your production, fighting and more. Then the alliances arrive. At first you decide which family you will back, all the important ones in the books are here, and then you join an alliance fighting under their banner or against their mutual enemies.

The big plus for Game of Thrones Ascent is that you will feel like you are in this fantasy world. The graphics style is really well-chosen and I didn’t have feeling to turn off the audio. The truth is that you should have read some books to avoid spoilers but when you start playing you will just love being part of Game of Thrones. Not to make the game look perfect I should say there are some not so great things. Some NPCs, who are pretty op, can be bought only for real money and they excel in PvP arenas. I didn’t have so bad feeling about this but I know players who hate this. Then there is the late end part where you still can do many things but it all feels much slower than in the beginning or mid game. Overall I can only recommend playing Game of Thrones Ascent, there aren’t so many games like this one.

The game is a classic browser-based MMO but you can play it on Facebook or mobile phones as well.



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Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent

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