Shakes & Fidget - crazy caricature world

Shakes & Fidget - crazy caricature world

New and new RPG games are spreading the world. They flood the demand like an avalanche. Mostly, the games look very similar so it’s very difficult to decide which world should be visited by use. Shakes & Fidet offer few fresh and uncommon pieces of content increasing its attractiveness. Several unfriendly tribes and races, we choose our heroes there, await us. The game has some striking similarities with World of Warcraft and shows some great sense for parody.

The beginning is itself very interesting without any registration or making an account. What you see first are two columns with several races so choose the sex and then most catching or fine candidate according you. Take one orc, dwarf, smalls gnomes, high or dark elf, demons or typical humans.
The character is shown in the basic shape at fist but just decide what you wish to change and how the final outlook will be.

Adjust lips and their shapes, eyes and eyebrows position and the hair needs some changing as well, don’t forget the right color. Special marks and piercing, earrings or other things can be good as well. Then take the class of hero – warrior, magician or explorer.

Only then and after the character creation you can register, giving the right e-mail address, nickname and code. The name is very important, it will be your hero’s mark of recognize.

Enter the unknown world and try to learn and orient around. You are on a small square with all the important institutions for fulfilling missions or making your own items.

Learn the skills and meet all the important moves and spells giving you chances to defend and defeat enemies. The best way is to click on the character icon showing all important attributes as strength, luck, health, etc.

The same place is for looking at and changing weapons, armor and other equipment useful for fight.

Your level isn’t too nice and high now but with some activity and will you start leveling up pretty quickly.

Try inns to get some tasks from a shadowy figure at a table. He should give you choose from three tasks so take one.

The golden line down is hard to miss, this is your adventure desire. Any task you do decreases it but with some beers inside or just waiting for the midnight you can refill it.

When you take one missions you are automatically transported on the certain place where you meet attacks of the same level, mostly. According your class, you try to defeat him but don’t worry when the result is failure. You won’t get experience and should decide for other missions, that’s all.

Visit the Arena when you can get more experience by defeating opponents using weapons, spells or slings.
When you get bored by walking and running on your feet just enter the building with mounts where a blue tiger, cow, or griffindragon await you. The price varies according the type but the length of borrowing is the same.

Not feeling for a mission today? Just take a guard job and get few silver coins for every hour you work. The only problem and disadvantage is that you cannot do anything else during this activity.

After some time you may start meeting other characters and players so try gaining some friends. You can send them messages using Gringots delivery service.

The shops are very different but the typical armory or place filled with spells and potions are very useful to buy armors or necklaces to increase or regenerate health. All is about the choice and your level.

You will just love the caricature world full of open fun and exciting adventures. Enjoy funny faces of other characters and don’t get bothered by some poker faces.

We shouldn’t avoid the Underground which is place of unexplored areas littered by strange and dangerous creatures. It’s uneasy to get there, you need to get special keys for the entrance door. To get one there is need to reach specific lvl and fulfill several key missions.

Shakes & Fidget is game with almost no faults, maybe there could be some music and commercial pieces. The gameplay is great, all pieces and important info is easy to see and gathered so there is no need to search for everything. Have fun.



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Shakes & Fidget - crazy caricature world Shakes & Fidget - crazy caricature world Shakes & Fidget - crazy caricature world Shakes & Fidget - crazy caricature world Shakes & Fidget - crazy caricature world Shakes & Fidget - crazy caricature world Shakes & Fidget - crazy caricature world Shakes & Fidget - crazy caricature world Shakes & Fidget - crazy caricature world

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