Tales of Laputa

Tales of Laputa

What can I write about Tale sof Lapute? Do you love colorful orgies, simple gameplay and very friendly world in a relaxing game? Then this is what you need.
Before I start writing about the world of Tales of Laputa I should warn you. If you belong among players who need some challenge from the game, then just continue your search because Tales of Laputa is completely opposite what you want. The game follows modern trend of easy gaming where you don’t suffer from fails or not finding solution so you can celebrate later when you succeed with a look into a mirror and words „I did it“. In Tales of Laputa is success your best friend. But that still doesn’t mean we have a bad game here.

Where am I?
Tales of Lapute is published by company that has already given us PcokieNinja or Pockie Pirates. This shows some direction of the style we have here. The world, where you appear to be, is called City of Sky and it looks like a fairytale but with no real action until the moment when the bad guys appear. The story is dry, weak and totally unimportant. You may find out what’s going on by talking to NPC guys but I wasn’t able to enthusiastically follow them.

The opening gives you chance to choose from special characters as warrior, magician, wizard, etc. All have special skills, advantages and special items but until you reach the later game, these things are totally unimportant. Why?

The majority of time is spent by running from on NPC guy to another, taking tasks, fighting some enemies or monster, getting first pet, mount and it’s totally without any need of hard work or challenge. Until reaching level 35 you cannot even die. In this moment, you begin to understand what the game is about. Most of the time I wasn’t exploring skills and possibilities, I was just automatically clicking upgrades of them, putting them into the active skill roster, giving my hero items without any reading and I was just watching the world around with some chats with other players. After some hours later, when the coloseum and more world parts open, you finally have to concentrate and survive by combining attacks, combs but still in an easy style. Even bosses can be totally weak and ridiculous.

So where is the super entertaining part?
Well, for me nothing really. But the players who just need play to relax, explore colorful world and just love getting some new items, can be fully satisfied. Variety of the avatars and NPC guys, simple control with just clicking on a name bringing you to the place or enemy brings fine and casual gameplay without any stress. Grouping five players together brings easy talks, exchanging some experience and living fairytale adventures.

So let’s have a loot at the score. The target group of players is going to appreciate almost everything and the opposite group hates almost everything. I’m just amazed by score 9/10 by other media. It may be thanks really rich content of items, over 300 different monster and nice world.



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Tales of Laputa Tales of Laputa Tales of Laputa Tales of Laputa Tales of Laputa Tales of Laputa

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