Gobbowl is a new extreme sport that can be described as a combination of Rugby, American football and Wrestling. The only way how to win is outsmart the opponent and use the best tactics. The tournament begins.
This may be really my first browser-based game which contains a virtual sport with all what it needs. I have to admit that I was nicely surprised thanks few things I’m going to describe.

Gobbowl isn’t classic browser game. Its content isn’t so rich if you compare it with strategic, RPG, action or other games. This is mostly about quick approach to the game and the fun without any long waiting. The first part is creating of your team. This takes only few moments but you should concentrate on the style of gaming you prefer. There are several types of teams which specialize in speed, toughness, avoiding, etc. It doesn’t mean that you have for example team filled with Rambos that cannot run but they will be better in using their fists.

I know, this sounds slightly strange but the game uses four basic elements (air, water, earth and fire). They represent the skills of your field players. Together they create number ten but only five of them can join the game. The choice is only up to you and you can create group of balanced players or fighters, runners, etc.

Before you start any game there must be an opponent. This can be done manually but the classical possibility is to let the game to find one. Here, I have one objection. When I let the game to find some opponent for my first game, I got a guy who has already won many games and I was totally but totally beaten (3 of my players were dead within few rounds). The game offers you a tutorial but you need around three matches to learn the rules and what you can do. I would prefer if the automatic choose is more balanced.

The match itself can take you on five different “pitches”, they differ in various length of the matches. The match itself consists of putting the players on the starting positions, giving them orders and watching them how they play in the round before you start giving them next orders for the next move. Interface, rules and the control are really simple but there could be some panicking moments in the beginning. The time limit for your planning and giving orders is really sharp.

Now, we are getting to the goal of every match. You try to get the Gobbowl ball into the opponent’s home zone as often as possible. For this, you will use things as sprint, avoiding moves, getting the defenders into unconsciousness world, etc. The possibilities and their combinations are many and I liked the rapid changes in tactics during every match.

Gobbowl is totally F2P game and the creators opened only payments for changing the visual of your team and choosing the captain, nothing more. So the players are vey balanced and only your skills mean who wins and who loses. And that’s all folks, cannot write more. This is just so different game where you don’t wait for anything and have immediately fun. Graphics and animations are something close to 2.5D graphics, they are fluent and it’s nice to watch the whole thing. I really recommend trying Gobbowls. It may not be for everyone but it will get some fans for sure.

The game is here, just register and have fun.



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