Ski Jump Mania

Ski Jump Mania

Become a professional ski jumper and start winning over other players in the league. There is plenty room and possibilities to improve your skills and comparing them with other players in this browser-based game.
It’s really good sport game which can be played in your browser. Just register through your e-mail, give code or you can use your Facebook account.

You will become a ski jumper, that means you have to train, of course you just need to click on certain things, and race in tournaments and matches against other players. The result is some combination of sport game with RPG elements and I have to say it works very well.

The basic menu isn’t confusing and offer 6 things that represent all the possibilities. The main things are the tasks which are fulfilled by repeated clicking. This gives you money and experience points to unlock new level and missions and more stuff, for example different jumps, leagues, equipment and so on. Most of the money will be spend for equipment and improving your skills in three categories – takeoff, flight and landing – and there are even more things how to improve these things, try improving your office for example. The sponsors are important as well.

Besides the clicking manager the game contains a small flash game. You can try simulating the jump or try it by yourself. This can give you some edge over better and stronger players but you may have higher risk in failing. When taking off you should have enough wind and always in 10 seconds you have to estimate certain number. The rest is about our reflexes, hit the right power and lending moment. It’s a simple mini-game but it gives the game something more.

You can compete in the daily league, for money or just results. Plus thanks the daily quests you can upgrade certain jumps and get some advantage.

The limitation is in the energy. This stops you in fulfilling the quests and the number of jumps isn’t big too. But the game has a pretty fast beginning and you start liking Ski Jump Manie pretty quickly.

The game may not be something really different from PowerPlay Manager studio but there are small things making it really fun.



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Ski Jump Mania Ski Jump Mania Ski Jump Mania Ski Jump Mania Ski Jump Mania Ski Jump Mania Ski Jump Mania

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