Degen Chronicles

Degen Chronicles

Oh the anime world is so various and offers so many worlds and games. It’s almost never ending source of ideas and it has just given us a new fun in the style of building game deck called Dengen Chronicles.
From the first moment it looks like combination of games, manga and anime with ninjas, robots and unrealistic creatures or demons. Dengen Chronicles is about war among 4 families (ninjas, fantasy, robots and shojo) which represent 4 types of martial art schools. The war is raging and you have to choose one side. In my case it was just a random choice because it took me some time get into the game, orient around and understand what’s going on. But in the end all was fine.

I have always liked deck building games of all types so I had some imagination about the basics of the game but the tutorial helped here a lot. It’s doesn’t go too deep but nicely shows what you have to. Don’t hope for bonuses from the given tasks, this is all about long gameplay. You begin with small group of fighters where each of them is a unique characters with specific skills and powers, plus equipment. You should approach to every character and don’t neglect any of them because they fight in groups. If you challenge somebody, you can choose from draw from chosen fighters and get battling. This part is quick and it’s about choosing from two skills to increase attack and defensive powers, then you watch something like comic styled action. The fighter who will damage the opponent more wins the round and all repeats until 5 round are over. The winner gets higher reward and both players return into the game menu. It doesn’t take more than few minutes and this whole fight doesn’t offer any strategy orgies, but it doesn’t matter too much.

So, most of the time you spend in the menu and improving or upgrading the fighters. You can choose from huge, really huge, number of items for different body parts which can be obtained from earned money but there is small problem. Every fighter has a limit and better equipment costs some points and getting to the maximum is only question of time. Therefore you need to level up your guys to increase the limitation using special crystals. I liked this system but it takes just too much time, this covers your character as well. It took move over hour to get to level 2. I just don’t want to know how long it takes reaching some really high level. Plus there is energy limit which is needed to challenge somebody into the fight.

What you will love for sure is pleasant UI, graphics and fine music which gets repeated but you won’t get bored with it, the technical part is almost perfect. Dengen Chronicles is one of few deck building games which won’t push you into best performance, you can just have fun without paying anything. Most of the sings are obtainable over time, it just takes some hours. The fights are nicely short so the only thing that slows you down is the energy. If you belong among anime fans you should try it for sure.



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Degen Chronicles Degen Chronicles Degen Chronicles Degen Chronicles Degen Chronicles Degen Chronicles

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