Empire Rising

Empire Rising

My first five minutes playing this game: “Hm super, another strategy, war game, this is going to be the same as dozen similar titles”. My last five minutes: “I haven’t slept for one week, my wife is having a baby … but let’s attack this guy, click on this research and fulfill one missions”… click, click … click…
Yes, it’s written in big exaggeration but this similar feeling was part of me before I started writing this review. What looked as ordinary thing turned into extremely catchy fun.

I approached vigilantly to Empire Rising at first. The registration and choosing from four nations (special units and bonsuses) alerted me. You must understand that many strategy games are very similar and from hits as Warflow nothing has too changed and some games are eve boring. But I changed my opinion after playing Empire Rising for one day.

Different classic

The core may be very similar to other strategies which are digging in history and are split into a city building and then conquering the world. But here, you don’t follow only one timeline but there is possibility to flow through four different periods where you unlock new possibilities and units. However, this can be described as normal content too.

It’s the momentum and rapid flow where Empire Rising beats the competition. Not even once I was caught getting bored and without work. There’s been always something waiting to be done or needing my help.

What’s really interesting is the fact that the events and developments don’t different form tried and tested things. You build buildings, improve them, you research new weapons and technologies. The generals and their part it battles, exploration and conquering looks good too.
It might be the various tasks which are about doing general and daily tasks. Especially the alliance missions are fine and special. But that’s not all.

Everything is nicely connected. The authors really meet the gameplay and the week is littered with gifts which help you getting through the slightly boring beginning. This means building your structures, research and produce faster. I’m not exaggerating if I say that I was expanding my emporium by establishing new colonies or conquering them.

Simple battles

The army is composed of several nice units. However, they must be unlocked and recruiting them costs time but gaining armies with thousands of soldiers is quite easy. It’s pity that you cannot join the battles and affect its course. You only order where they should go and the result is given in a message. This part could have been done better.

In alliances and their campaigns is better situation. You can invite your friends (in the late game essntial) when fighting other players and alliances.

The control, graphics and audio

I have always liking for good interface and the game’s one made me really happy. There are many tasks to do and windows with information, numbers, text and pictures but they are accessible in one or two clicks. If I remember well, I got lost and stuck only one and this happened in the beginning. This part gets one big plus. The graphics takes place among the better, don’t search for some graphical orgies but the colors and design are well chosen without getting boring.

Now, I’m getting to another of few minuses. There is no audio. The game’s front site may you welcome showing you an epic video but that’s it. There is no music or effect, absolutely nothing. This was really disappointing, especially when you visit various centuries.

I haven’t played a strategy game for long time that “swallowed” me. Empire Rising always gave me some activity and things to do. But it’s not a diamond without a flaw. The content is classical and the missing audio is… you know what. On one side we have absolutely great control and overview, on the other side are weak battles. Overall, Empire Rising is very strong player on the browser-based games field and it will entertain both greenhorns and experienced players.

Play and rule here.



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