Glory of Gladiators

Glory of Gladiators

Another game where you play as a gladiator? A little bit but this one has more potential. You won’t be the fighter, you have just opened your own gladiator school.
Glory of Gladitoar is one of the new browser-based MMO game hitting the competition big time. You have become owner of a gladiator school with the first fighter at the gates. With few friends you start building the best team ever.

The main activity is to do all the stuff around the fighters. They need training, equipment, upgrades and looking after during several missions or when fighting against other gladiators. Death isn’t permanent here but with so many activities it would be only pity. If you are the fighting fan there are many things to do. The first is travelling round the antique Europe where, on special maps, you challenge many types of enemies to clean the area. This offers big chance finding some nice items and gaining experience for your gladiator. The second chance is the arena of course where your fighters face gladiators from different schools and players. It’s all about fame and money and getting to the top of the leagues but reaching the first places is about having some great war machines. Each guy can be improved for some money in a special school or work for you as a laborer, there is a lot of stuff to do.

You have your own mansion with docks, farms so the plant growing lovers can enjoy the game as well. This building part isn’t so rich as the rest of the game but for more heads in your school or items it is essential to build and level up as well.

Let’s return to the gladiators. It’s not only about one type of fighter, you can choose different fighters and their styles. The world is not so sterile and especially the PvE requires different approach. And when facing other players, choosing the right strategy can win the battle. Oh, the fights are automatic so getting the right equipment and fighter is big part, really.

Glory of Gladiator is a great game where you don’t need to sit hours at your computer. Just few round of fights, collecting and upgrading and it’s enough and done. With all the items, weapons armor and stuff for the fighters you get a wide variety of results.

Graphics and audio is more standard, but the artists made some nice detailed pictures and animations keeping the level high for today’s technology standard.



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Glory of Gladiators Glory of Gladiators Glory of Gladiators Glory of Gladiators Glory of Gladiators Glory of Gladiators

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