Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame Big Farm

You have inherited a huge farm. Are you able to look after it, extend and put it into the order so it can be prosperous?
Goodgame Big Farm is a building strategy browser-based game where you plant and grow plants and bread animals.

Besides the fields and orchards the farm needs more buildings as places to live in, silos, barns, mills and more stuff. The success is in the right balance between these things and planning your own production.
Each building is able to produce various material or ingredients. For example mill can produce food for chickens, pigs or even cows. So when you are giving the order you should think a little bit into the future and make clear priorities.

The main tasks and goals lead you through all the game content and possibilities and story so you can collect experience and level up. Side quests and task are not compulsory and besides some more experience they give you some bonuses as boosts for some given time.

If you pass the side tasks nothing really happens, some are actually good to let go because it may be clear that your farm cannot produce what will be needed or you have to sit at the computer all day.
Other interesting stuff is extending the farm, upgrading various building, selling products and materials to gain money and of course joining other players and competing.

The competitions are compulsory, you can decide in what products you want to compete (eggs, cabbage,…) and the goal is to produce as much as possible of the chosen product. If you are among the best players you will be rewarded by some prize and reputation.

Graphics in Goodgame Big Farm is pleasant with not big different in word standard. The animations of people and details are cute and the same things can be said about the animals, some are even funny. The audio is with some nice ideas and doesn’t get annoying even in longer sessions
The only thing you may not like about Goodgame Big Farm is very short tutorial. The game leads you only through few steps and then you are just free and you have to find some things alone. This can be a bit unpleasant for totally new players and even confusing. But if you have already played something similar you won’t have any big problems.

Goodgame Big Farm is pleasant relax game witch is for farming or gardening lovers or if you prefer the game style when you play for 5 minutes in the morning to play another 5 minutes in the evening to collect what you have planted.



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Goodgame Big Farm Goodgame Big Farm Goodgame Big Farm Goodgame Big Farm Goodgame Big Farm Goodgame Big Farm Goodgame Big Farm

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