Goodgame Cafe

Goodgame Cafe

You have become an owner of a nice café on suburbs. Will it become famous place to spend time or you go bankrupt?
The first steps in Godgame Cafe belongs to the tutorial which will introduce the game to you. If you belong among the new players you may need some more tutoring because the authors from Goodgame Studios expect that the players have already tried some of their games, it’s a bit unnecessary.

But you won’t get lost in the cafeteria so easily. You have stoves to cook food, then a bar where the made food is put and then the tables with chairs for customers to sit down and order something nice.
The more meals you sell the more money you get. The money gain depends on the meals quality but there is a general rule that the shorter cooking time means less money made but it doesn’t happen always. If you give the meals some spice and seasoning the price increases as well.

The advantage for prosperous business is without doubt the possibility to buy new ingredients and brand new equipment for the place. You can invest into more tables, chairs or kitchen pieces as stove, cocktail makers or decorative flowers. And as always, higher quality of meals and the cafeteria equipment or decoration increases the whole gain. The customers become more satisfied, giving more tips.

Everything is connected in Goodgame Café so there is no need to write about it more. However there is one really nice new possibility. You can search and find a temporary job and there your task is to server customer is other player restaurant giving you some money and bonus.

This means that other players can work for your cafeteria as well. If you haven’t a possibility to hire an employee, mostly because you lack experience, you can offer a part time job for some players. It’s all about a mini game which isn’t just an uninteresting things but someone put some effort into it.

There are more things that you will enjoy, for example sending gifts are accepting challenges where you compete in becoming the best spaghetti Bolognese, Mexican cuisine chef and more stuff. What’s really nice is that you won’t compete against yourself but against other players.

Leveling up her is the biggest disadvantage, it takes just too much time and it’s connected too much important content as buying new ingredients and seasoning. It’s up to you how big deal you feel it is.

If you like time management strategies where you start cooking in the morning and you server in the evening so you can spend the night cooking again with some mini games then Goodgame Café is game and good choice for you. It’s about a cool graphics and possibilities as well.



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Goodgame Cafe Goodgame Cafe Goodgame Cafe Goodgame Cafe Goodgame Cafe Goodgame Cafe

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