Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire had been showing in various adds for me so it was really a time to give this browser-based MMO chance. Was it really a good idea?
Games in Travian style are always welcomed fun and can entertain for a long time. Goodgame Empire acts here as a combination of building and strategy game in one and is more for the newcomers in the browser games world.
The opening part is very simple, almost primitive. Each segment in the building is not only marked but you will be led until the castle if built and fully equipped. Passing the basic tasks is rewarded and even if it can turn a bit repetitive it’s still fun with some good storyline in the background. It’s all about beginning with the material producing places for food, wood and stone. Then you move to the walls, barracks and workshop. Recruiting soldiers, building siege equipment or defense is next. It all feels like a Tycoon for sure even with some big limitations. As always, you cannot build too many buildings at once, recruiting takes time as well but you can always spend special rubies (I will talk about them later).

The whole building part is then more varied with side tasks where you have to decide what to do with a caught this, fighting pack of wolves or villagers asks. Some decisions may give you bonus material, some may take it from you and even the respect of the village can be taken or received making a difference in collecting taxes. Personally, I didn’t see the last mentioned thing.

The next phase is fighting the castles around. It’s part of PvE and PvP battles. You will move against the AI from the beginning. Several neutral castles are placed around you and they are mostly level 1 but the more you fight and win over them the faster they will increase their rank and strength. The reward for the win is bigger as well but the game manages the risk of losing too many units compared to the reward very well. The problem can be in the number of slots you can use for the attacking units. Siege equipment rapidly decreases the defense but is destroyed after each battle and they won’t come free as well. It’s a bit unbalanced part of the game, sometimes it almost feels unfinished. And I shouldn’t forget mentioning that you cannot join the battles, you get only the result.

As the time goes and more castle burn after your visit you surely will start looking at other players. Here is the next problem. The newbie protection is 7 days, it’s too long period in Goodgame Empire. The border between the early game and middle game when you want to join some alliance and start playing big is just too empty and filled with very repetitive activity. It even led me to take a break from the game and return after some days. If you last, the upcoming battles with other players are really fun but again with some empty moments. Only plundering weaker players and that’s it.

What rises the score is the great visual. All is made into the tiniest details, the castles are inhabited by farmer, stonemasons, soldiers and you can really feel that the place is alive. Bonus content is fine as well. For example you can collect map pieces after some battles leading you to special items. The generals can be equipped with various things making big effect in the battles and the community of players is really friendly and big. Even though Goodgame Empire needs some time for polishing, balancing and getting some things together.

And now the rubies. If your castle is destroyed, you won’t lose but your castle will be moved to another place and you start from the scratch. And your rubies can be kept so you can have fresh and easy start. I don’t know if it’s for reason but if you save them, you can become very powerful again.



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Goodgame Empire Goodgame Empire Goodgame Empire Goodgame Empire Goodgame Empire

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