Operation Gamma 41

Operation Gamma 41

How can be changing the history simple is shown in this strategy game called operation Gamma 41. The game takes you into the year 1941 where the 2nd World War takes place and it’s definitely not going according the books. Come and create your own history.
Browser-based games which aren’t only about great gameplay, content and graphics but offer some interesting story with fine plot are always welcomed in Freegame. You get into the action during the war in body of one unknown soldier on an unknown place who, in the year 1941, finds out some unpleasant thing. The last meeting of League of Nations in Geneva is attacked and all the world leaders killed. This means total chaos on the world’s battlefields and new enemy arrives who is only known as Gamma from the last broadcasting.

You may begin as an ordinary soldier but you get a leading position very soon and take control over one city which is isolated and fights for its own survival. All the basic buildings are here serving as places to live, research, produce, trade, etc.

What do next sir?
The whole beginning turns to be the tutorial where you face your first enemy, mine and earn resources (wood, steel, petrol, food) and start expanding the place for live. It’s very good to read everything during this beginning part or you can make a stupid mistake (as me) which can make the game much more difficult (in one word – taxes)

Mostly, you will be moving from real-time management to, in the fights, turned-based strategy.

From the first moment, the game looked extremely original but as the time went on one fact emerged. Operation Gamma 41 doesn’t differ from most of the browser strategy games. I don’t mean anything bad with it because the content and style belong among the better pieces, plus, there is quite good story.

War is here sir

You cannot do anything without an army. The city is fully functional and you enjoy richness of having resources, research and production but without any fighting units you have no chance to survive, especially when you lose the one week beginner protection.

Everything can be separated into three groups – foot, mechanical and air units. Each groups has around eight types of units. Before you get to the better pieces you have to pass quite long time, everything is up to the level of your recruitment, production and main buildings. Classical? Yes and no, because the whole skills of every fighting unit are very strong rock-paper-scissors rules. Everybody has some strong and weak points. For example – when you have guys rocket launchers, you are able to eradicate group of tanks or airplanes but the soldiers are defenseless against snipers. Or tanks destroy almost every ground unit but cannot fight too much against airplanes. All is connected and concentrating to only one research and technology means end of the game for you very soon, especially fighting PvP.

The whole fight is about attacking NPC armies, other players or special battles on the battlefield. The whole fight, as I said, is turned-based and totally automatic but there is no need to take part in it.

For this you use your leaders who control units and administer cities. Their hiring, training and control is simple and they can be even better in strategic decisions or totally explode in it and you lose much more soldiers and units fighting much weaker enemy. These NPC characters have some nice range of skills and they can even get married.

The whole visual has no flaw but you cannot write songs about it as well. These days, it can be described as good standard. The city looks really as war zone, the world map is quite good but the battlefields aren’t so fine and look stereotypical. There is possibility to turn on music with some effects but nothing special as well. What I should mention is one very but very good interface. Through the whole gaming, I didn’t get lost or couldn’t find something. All info and actions are maximally one or two clicks away and setting number of workers or production takes few seconds. Big plus for this part.

We are waiting for you sir

Operation Gamma 41 entertained me, it may not be the cutting edge game but behind nice visual, foggy originality you can find better classic. Other games mostly turn stereotypical but Gamma fights with it using good story. Strategy games players must try this piece, the rest should give a chance.

Get into the war this way.



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