Rage WW II

Rage WW II

Sometimes you need to play some WW II strategy game. There aren’t too many new these days but I finally bumped into one. WW II Rage combines classic text browser game with some goo graphics.
Yes, you are a leader of a base again. The war takes time and you have decided to follow own destiny and it doesn’t matter if you are on the side of American or Germans. Begin from the scratch and construct the whole infrastructure step by step before you can make armies to conquer the stuff around.

WW II Rage follows the classics without trying to do something like bigger originality. The world is split into three places – your base, fields for gathering materials and the world around where the players fight for dominance. You base contains all the building they which are part of the conflict. The headquarters, warehouse, factories, barracks to produce units and the academy to do the research and other stuff. There are even some special units to produce. All gets upgrades and if you want to unlock some deeper research or some more powerful soldiers or war vehicles you need all these. The research is really rich and contains everything what we like about these games.

“Farming” brings something as well. It’s not only about building material gathering things as steel, food or petrol. You have some basic places to build on but if you want more you have to find and collect special items to unlock new fields. They are in the world and you have to fight NPCs and other players. When you feel strong enough then it’s the right moment to start sanding armies with hopes that your spies did good job. The fights are automatic and if you bump into an enemy army with more units or higher research level then you can say goodbye to your heroes. By the way, the armies are led by generals, they can be hired and gain experience to level up and can bear various items to turn into more powerful leaders. They can fight in the arena as well.

When you reach certain reputation the possibility to join some alliance will be available and this gives you chance to battle in bigger numbers. The game is without any clear goal, just classic war. WW II Rage begins to be more interesting to the late game when you cooperate with more players.

It’s hard to recommend the game or not. I know better games and they don’t have to be somehow original. The problem with WW Rage is that we have played similar games. The game doesn’t do anything wrong but it doesn’t offer any mean to return to it. If you want to play some browser-based MMO strategy game then there are more interesting pieces.



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Rage WW II Rage WW II Rage WW II Rage WW II Rage WW II

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