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Casual Connect Amterdam 2014 – first day

Casual Connect Amterdam 2014 – first day

Current news directly from Amsterdam, which takes place ninth annual conference Casual Connect. We present summaries of the first amazing day. We couldn't miss in a way unique and absolutely perfect Casual Connect event. After several years, it returned back from Hamburg to Amsterdam, where the European part was originally held. It is good to say that the meeting takes place four times a year - in the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, and Asia. We have been looking forward especially to the ninth season. Not only that it takes place in a charming Amsterdam, but moreover in the former monetary exchange building. This beautiful building, located near the center, offering a rich atmosphere, is the perfect place for the event.

After the opening, we enjoyed a "chat" with Peter Molyneux, a legend among developers, who stands behind the development of many iconic titles, such as: Populous, Dungeon Keeper, Magic Carpet and others. It was not our first time to hear his speech, and again, it was very inspiring.
Pleasant start of the conference.

It was followed by a cup of coffee and pleasant discovery that dozens of stands of the best companies in the gaming "casual" industry are placed among independent (indie) developers and their presentations of inventive games. We realized that this is what is all about, linking the "hard" business with often inexperienced developers as yet. While there was networking underway between these groups in large halls, other interesting lectures took place in separate halls.

Everyone could get a taste of their preferences, the lectures were assorted by character:

- Industry Insights and Emerging Trends
- Game as a service : Growth
- Social and Casino Real Money Gaming
- Audio and international markets

The range of topics was indeed really rich. Furthermore, we attended a lecture by Erik Goossens, CEO Spill Games. His speech on alternative monetization of computer games did surprise us slightly. From the gamer's perspective, we are not too sympathetic to the trend of expanding ads, right up in the very course of playing the game. Almost as much as we know from television. We don't need to like interrupting the game forcibly and displaying advertising. However, it is still a way how an author of the game can earn finances for its development, and may distribute the game for free. And this is certainly good for all of us.

This was followed by Target Gamers' lecture on how to develop and publish the game on your own. It was a pleasant discovery that even in this complex system of development and distribution of games, it is still possible to create your own game and to get it in the market relatively without complications. Oliver Kern told us what a game must meet and how its development must look.

We also learned many interesting things about game development on Smart TV, on alternatives to the official stores iTunes and Google Play, about cheating of marketing agencies in order to attract clients and many many other interesting things of this industry.

Detailed schedule of lectures for all three days:

We will bring you reportage about next days soon.


Hynek Žalčík / UnHynek

Publikováno: 11.02.2014

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