Pleasant talking with JetDogs, casual games creators

Pleasant talking with JetDogs, casual games creators

Today, we have one interview with JetDogs. You may have seen this name in some games you have played or seeing them as sponsors at several events in the Czech Republic. Hi JetDogs, thank you for having some free time answering to our curious questions and sharing some background information with our readers.

• The first question is about the beginning of the studio and why did you choose name „JetDogs“.

Well... To be perfectly honest, there no any evident reasons why did we choose this name. It's a kind of metaphor for us. Our jet dogs are similar to two real dogs Belka and Strelka - the first creatures sent to space and come back alive. So, our name is a challenge! To set serious tasks and solve them successfully. May be our games will be played in space some day? 

• Why did you decide to create casual styled games?

From the very beginning we have been developing CD games for the retail market. However, the revenue from this type of sales went down and we paid our attention to the downloadable content and to the casual games in particular.

• Was the beginning difficult?

Yes, the beginning was quite difficult. We began our work together with my friend and partner having 800 USD for a living for a half a year. Some of our first projects have never been released. Besides the game development we had to release some multimedia theme collections. They were very cheap but quickly done.

• It’s been five years since you started and you are able to show the world one or two games per year. What’s behind the success?

Our success is that we work hard and derive pleasure from the process of game creation, we have a cohesive team and great partners.

• When someone looks at the games you have created they would mostly see adventures. Is it because the genre is easy to create or you just like making it?

In my opinion, the creation of good adventures is not easier than any other genre. However, we found ourselves just in this very type of games. In the beginning of our career we tried to make a logic puzzle but without any success. I think that yes, we’ll try some other genres in the future.

• We got in contact with you thanks your activity at Game Access 2010 in Brno and Game Developers Session Prague 2011. What’s behind helping and sponsoring these two special events for the Czech Republic?

At the current moment our main consumers are in Europe and USA. Now we consider a possibility to open a branch office in Europe somewhere. Czech Republic as the center of Europe is the best place. Besides, we see that Czech programmers and artists have a great potential. Moreover, the fact that Czech Republic uses its own independent and stable currency plays not the last role.

• Do you think the game creators and designers from the Czech Republic and Russia have many things in common?

Good question. You know... the contemporary world of globalization has no boundaries. Doesn't matter where the developer is from. Russia, Czech Republic or any other country. If the person is talented he will be able to succeed. It won't be an exaggeration if I say that we live in the intercultural world.
Though I think the specific type of culture the developer belongs to can influence the final product. For instance, in 2006 we released the game "Nuclear Beasts". Its theme, humor, characters, location names and so on are clear and obvious mostly to Russian-speaking players or to the players from Easten Europe who has the similar cultural roots...

• Are opportunities in the casual market for new and beginning creators?

I’m afraid not. This market is already well-established and the level of competition is high. Only considerable and quality big-budget projects can earn good money. The beginners should pay there attention to the portable platforms, smart TV and online game videotranslation. May be they should think of such platforms as 3DS or PSPVita. Sure, their sales are not so strong in comparison with mobile platforms but there are no so many games and the competition is lower. It’s a chance to have good sales.

• What game are you working on now?

One more adventure! The launch is planned for the nearest month. Besides, we port some of our last hits to the portable devices.

• Do you want to keep up with adventure games or are you going to surprise with some new genre?

We’ll try. We think of the logic and time management games. However, at the current moment we’re going to expand the number of platforms used for the development than any experiments in any other genres.

• Is there something you want to tell our readers?

Well... Dear readers, play the games, create them and derive pleasure from this process!
If you’re talented, have any ideas, would like to work with us please contact us any time you like. We’re always open for partnership. Our e-mail is

The questions were answered by Artem Kirillovskii. JetDogs and their games can be found here.


Štěpán Plachý / Twister

Publikováno: 17.12.2011

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