Bonus Android Games - part 60

Bonus Android Games - part 60

Welcome in today’s bonus where we start with facing a logic game with armadillo then we race with animals in high tempo. After these two games there is one zombie head and many obstacles and the finisher is a forest in the middle of the night and only one flashlight. Go Go Armadillo! - 84 %
Go Go Armadillo! is a sweet logic game where you try rescuing children from the enemies. Each level is about shooting the armadillo to them. As usually you can use skills as bouncing and well-placed save points to progress. Obstacles making you slow or even completely stop are here complicating the work. Go Go Armadillo!

Animal Racing - 81 %
Animal Racing is a quick racing with go-carts but the racers are animals. Every race is about getting on the first place to progress and get your hands on some cool upgrades and power ups or to unlock some new cool vehicle. The graphics and game is in 2D and most of the time you will spend driving over obstacles, pitfalls and jumps. Good idea is to collect power ups and hit the opponents. Animal Racing

Zombie Head - 75 %
Are you ready for some arcade platformer where you control a zombie head? The head jumps by itself so you only need to time the moves. There are some tough places and jump sequences where you mostly need to avoid all the dangers, so really timing and precision is the key. Game has simple principle and cool gameplay with some more levels planned for the future. Zombie Head

Forest 2 - 78 %
It’s time to be brave when you explore this strange and dark forest. From the first person view you control the character and camera rotation. The main antagonist is similar to Samar from the Ring, she walk the forest and tries to catch you. It’s a bit like a Slender game but you have to set free some spirits. Get ready for some cool moments. Forest 2


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 25.08.2014

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