Bonus Android Games - part 61

Bonus Android Games - part 61

Welcome to yet another Bonus Android Games and this time we feel more the Indie style. We shall have a look at some different games and how they can be interesting. Finisher will be city building mainly for children. Gravity Defender
Gravity Defender is a first indie game from .AZAEL. You control a small rocket flying in the air and destroying enemies. Control the flying and shooting in the same time but combining these two tasks isn’t so simple. It feels like a platformer and hitting enemies needs some practice. Gravity Defender

This one is a simple game with colors. With three game modes offer time limited challenges where you try matching squares to the right color. The best mode is the third one, there you get a written color but you need the color itself. Counting in the high tempo you can get confused pretty easy and one mistake means game over. 14Colors

Recently, the next game from the author of Flappy Birds has been announced, it’s called Swing Copters. Pirocopter is a well-made similarity to the anticipated game. You control a guy in some flying helicopter and by taping the screen you have to avoid balls to get as far as possible. Each obstacle survived gives a point. What’s really great is that it’s not so frustrating as the original and the tempos is nice and fluent. Pirocopter

All the mentioned games are from Indie developers and they are mostly shared through Facebook and other social medias. They are mostly about simple graphics (some rare pieces have nice 3D graphcs though) but thanks its gameplay, good tempo and fine principle can last for some time and offer cool challenge. And even weaker hardware and phones are able to run them.

Hoopa City
Ok, let’s finish with building a city. This is more relaxing construction fun where you raise houses. You can use different type of material and combining them lead to new things so you have to explore and experiment through various moves and possibilities. The countess means that the game is primarily form younger players. Don’t rush and just enjoy the slow-paced tempo. Hoopa City


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 28.08.2014

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