Bonus Android Games - part 66

Bonus Android Games - part 66

This day is about destroying some aliens from space, testing your reflexes and trying a match-3 game with some RPG elements. Or will you choose Tower Defense strategy? Zergs Coming HD – 72 %
Zergs Coming HD is 2D shooter where the only worries you have is destroying waves of aliens and walk enough meters to the end. Besides shooting and moving right or left your brain can relax and enjoy the frantic shooting. For gained money you can buy more weapons and they surely are needed because the enemy grows in power. It’s nothing really special but enough for relax. Zergs Coming HD

Hyper Trip – 68 %
Hyper Trips is so far the last game from Bulkypix and it looks interesting. However in the reality is a bit disappointing. You control some kind of neon square moving on a track and you have to prevent it from hitting anything. High speed and narrow space won’t give you much chance to last long. The obstacles appear pretty fast and close. If you have ultra-fast reflexes you may enjoy this quite a lot. For the rest players it can be frustrating. Hyper Trip

Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend – 85 %
Combination of match-3 core with RPG elements has been here several time and it mostly gives some interesting entertainment. This game is another of them and won’t be forgotten at all. At first you choose from three hero classes and get fighting. As you travel from place to place you face many fights which happen through match-3 gaming. Various stones have various effects so it’s not only speed but about some planning as well. Concentrate on attacks or casting spells. Wins give you money to buy or improve equipment for your hero making him last longer and become more powerful. If you fall in a battle you will be respawned after some time. It mostly takes few brawls until you face some powerful enemy you cannot beat at the moment. The progression may be a bit faster though. Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend

Qube Kingdom - 88 %
Welcome in the world of cubes. Quebe Kingdom belongs among Tower Defense games, that means you have to place soldiers on certain places to prevent incoming enemies to reach the end of the path. The rooster of soldiers grows bigger as you progress and upgrade them. It’s a lot of trying and alchemy finding the right combination but getting it right make the game much easier. The levels are classic, you collect mana to build and upgrade the heroes and you can use some basic spells to slow or burn the enemies.
The whole TD content looks nice and a cube-styled-graphics. The number of game you can play is limited by mana but it won’t slow the gaming too much. The content is pretty rich and your home city offers various building that are unlocked as you go. It’s a nice motivation to play.
Qube Kingdom


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 18.09.2014

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