Bonus Android games - part 75

Bonus Android games - part 75

We continue in our series of good Android games and this day is all about training your brain and, aiming well and finishes is classic match-3 fun. Let’s see how well you can play these games. Brain Wars
Brain Wars is on-line battle against players. In the beginning of every duel the game gives you an opponent and several mini-games follow. The goal is getting more points than your opponents. You get enough of the games to be entertaining for a long time. They are mostly about testing your skills in many disciplines. Memory, counting, perception and other things can be pretty nicely trained. The victory gives you experience and overview about your progress. Lives limit you in playing in longer sessions but it doesn’t matter too much. Brain Wars

Two Fingers One Brain
Another job for your brain? Why not. The game is controlled only with two fingers but there are two screens. Each of them contains different challenge and game. It’s mostly contradictory content and activity. For example one is counting and the opposite screen is avoiding obstacles, hitting UFO or just showing some gesture. It’s all actually pretty funny training your brain and practicing skills. Each game has a time limit and limited number of lives so show the best results. Two Fingers One Brain

Folow The Line
The name says is tall. It’s a simple game where you use the screen and touch to follow a dot. The path emerges in front of it and you just click on the pat full of obstacles and narrow corridors. Keep the dot safe and on the road and make the right moves in time. Is it simple? The beginning is but as the game progresses you have to deal with higher speed and more possibilities to deal with. Folow The Line

Yes Chef!
And let’s turn the brain for the last time but this time in a classic match-3 game. The game is pun among various food and meals where a small girl matches the ingredients to cook great things for the customers. Side tasks and breaking ice and collecting points are here as well. The levels are combined into time and limited moves challenges. Power ups, bonuses and combos make this game even more interesting. Energy may limit your gameplay but if you play well and collect all the stars you won’t feel any break. Yes Chef!


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 23.10.2014

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