Special Android Gam - Spider-man Unlimited - 90 %

Special Android Gam - Spider-man Unlimited - 90 %

Famou Spide-man has visited us in games as The Amazing Spider-man and its sequel. Now, his webs are in free games world as well. Is this piece fun and what it offers? Let’s have a look and find some tip and tricks as well. “With great power comes great responsibility“
It’s good to know that this game is made by a big company Gameloft. This brings a lot of anticipation in high quality game and some microtransactions. We shall talk about both of them a bit longer but the truth is that after watching the intro, it feels like a really great game. It’s not only main story but side quests, hero upgrades, various costumes and specific skills as well.

The basic game concept
The game may be called an endless-runner fun. This means that you run with the main hero forward and destroy hordes of enemies, collect money and try to get as far as possible, plus you collect points. Spider-man isn’t exception at all but he offers huge content and a nice motivation system.

Become Spider-man
New Yor is being visited by Sinister Six and our spider hero is the only one who can do something. And it’s only good you will bump into more villains as Green Goblin or Nick Fury.
As the story goes you are mostly obliged to kick some buttocks and defeat them all. The levels of the main campaign are mostly about two things. The first phase is the running part where you must run certain destination. Then there is the combat mode and as you run you have to hit various objects to decrease the enemy’s health. Just hit the screen and good thing done.
Side missions are available as well and you must collect enough machine parts or destroy enough enemies.
Even if it looks that the main task are repetitive (a bit, mostly only difficulty is increased) the whole concept isn’t boring. The running parts are sometimes replaced by flying fun with nets, climbing walls and jumping. This changes controls as well and flying all around is really cool.

What’s next?
Ok, that was the core of the game. Now, let’s have a look what can be found more. You will collect some serum to upgrade power-ups and buy new Spider-men. They can be improved and fused together to increase their level.
The more Spider-men you have the better. You can send your group in various intervals and gain more experience and serum.
Besides this there are special events and accomplishing them is rewarded by more bonus things.

Some things you won’t like
It looks like only Venom can stop you but the truth is a bit more unpleasant. Number of games is limited to 5 lives which are refilled in solid time – ten minutes for one heart.
The main slowdown is in microtransactions. They are represented by crystals and used for buying Spidermen, immediate level-up or rank-up and of course continuing without losing lives.

Tips and tricks
But here come good news, there is a way to get the crystals for free. The side quests offer some if you fulfill what must be done. Then there are special events and main missions bring some more.
The biggest crystal eater is immediate continuing in an open game. One mistake or slow reflex, new obstacles and you are out. But good idea is to let most of the crystal for the boss fights. Mostly, the duel itself is the harder than getting on the boss place. The sequences of jump and obstacles are repeated so you may learn the by heart.
Don’t spend the crystal more than twice per round because the price increases. But if you are close to the end then just go and use them. Defeating a boss gives you 25 crystals.
Generally speaking, it’s all about spending and using them wisely and in the final fights.

Spider-man well made
The game may not be perfect, the push to pay is significant but with some wit and patience you may not feel being limited. The social model is only about sending lives.
The whole game looks amazing. Graphics reminds the good old comic and the Spider guy has his jokes as well.

Spider-man Unlimited


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 22.09.2014

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