Strategy Star Wars: Commander for Android - 92 %

Strategy Star Wars: Commander for Android - 92 %

Lead and fight in a huge battles in a galaxy far, far away. Lead your army to the victory and crush the enemies and turn them into the space dust. Then you can collect their resources and grow the empire. Become a leader in the world of Star Wars. The Dark side or Good side of power
Before you start expanding on your planet and conquering places all around, you have to choose from two main sides. The choice has influence in the story and missions and the type of units you can get. This part isn’t essentially important for the game as a whole but it’s just a part of the universe and part of the right feeling. It just won’t be Star Wars if you fight or help Darth Vader.

Game principles
The basic principles are very close to another popular strategy game – Clash of Clans. Empty planet if filled with various buildings and structures, but the construction takes some time, and they can be upgraded and grouped into army and economy types. The army structures are barracks, towers, technology center or an airport. The credits and iron making things are essential for economy and creating army or more stuff.
Collecting resources, raising army, upgrading units and planning attacks through campaign or against other players happen in time intervals as you play. This routine is repeated but the intervals may grow longer depending how far in the game you are. Some things take even whole day.

Battles system
The system is very similar to Clash of Clans as well. Your soldiers are grouped according their type. You may find ground units, vehicles and in the late game even air fighters. But it’s true and nice that you can get some powerful units as a gift during the campaign.
When in a battle you place taken units on the battlefield as you wish. You can choose place, side and the direction and this makes the game fun in the strategy resort. Lure some enemy units away to make the strong soldiers destroy the base or find weak spots.
It’s good to watch the units you have because even if they placed units survive, they are lost. And there is nothing more boring than waiting to get new units.

We have already said something about them. It would be nice to mention that there are really many kinds and types of them and you meet many famous and known soldiers, vehicles and air units. Special surprises are here as well but you have to unlock them at first. Plus, each units can be upgrades and turn into even more powerful war machine.
Mixing and combining the units turns up to be a science. Each battle offers only few free slots so you have to think what is more useful in each situation. The soldiers take less place but they aren’t as powerful as other things. But more than two or three vehicles is impossible to build until you safe enough money.

The final result
Honestly, we can say this is a Clash of Clans clone just packed in Star Wars universe and graphics. And why not? It’s not a misjudgment and it works. The game concept is fun but sometimes it can turn into a waiting period. Casual players will love it and even strategy players may find it tempting to try it. However hardcore players and Star Wars fans must be patient, especially in the beginning.

The game is about rich content, many units, upgrades and choosing how you wish to fight is motivating. Waiting is big part of the game and it pushes the final score down.

Star Wars: Commander


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 27.09.2014

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