Asylum - update

Asylum - update

Asylum is a huge project of a small studio and one year ago the game was announced. However, from the moment no many things came out or happen and many are still waiting for more info. The last news are about the big portion of question from fans and the answers can be found on IndieDB.


Štěpán Plachý / Twister

Publikováno: 09.07.2012

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esse jogo ele e muito da hora
01.03.2015 am31 11:02:05

esse jogo ele e muito da hora
01.03.2015 am31 11:01:50

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The version on the website is much newer! This download is very outdated!
23.02.2015 pm28 13:12:48

I like games
21.02.2015 pm28 13:47:41