Battle of 3 Kingdoms - something new for strategies players

Battle of 3 Kingdoms - something new for strategies players

New games everywhere, new games everywhere but that’s only good. This time we have browser strategy game from iG-Interactive called Three Kingdoms. You are surely guessing this is from the times of ancient China where three huge kingdoms clashes in a great war. Big part of the game will take you on the ride through several events of that time. Sound good.


Štěpán Plachý / Twister

Publikováno: 17.07.2012

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Minecraft copy!!!!!! all report
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There are also 3 other disadvantages - city isn't very big, there are only 27 missions (28th is a free-ride mission) and we can use only 8 c...
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nice question
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this is thankful it s playing well
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