Open beta for MMORPG browser game Conclave

Open beta for MMORPG browser game Conclave

New RPG browser game Conclave looks like fine tabletop virtual game where you fight with friends or other players round the world against dark enemy. The battles take you on places where you control your units and must collaborate with others. Nice thing is that you can move together in the same time or at different times.


Štěpán Plachý / Twister

Publikováno: 12.05.2012

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Minecraft copy!!!!!! all report
31.12.2016 am31 03:03:00

There are also 3 other disadvantages - city isn't very big, there are only 27 missions (28th is a free-ride mission) and we can use only 8 c...
20.11.2016 pm30 23:37:43

nice question
29.10.2016 pm31 13:23:08

this is thankful it s playing well
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