Bunny Shooter Free Game

Bunny Shooter Free Game

Who likes Angry Birds would maybe like to have a look at this alternative mobile game Bunny Shooter. Rabbits have stolen you long time cared huge carrot. You won’t let it pass away so aim with bow and arrows and hunt the down.
I mentioned Angry Birds because the whole game principle here is very similar to the original game. The levels are organized in similar way into groups of 15 separated into different worlds. So far, only one world is opened but the authors promised to deliver the next worlds soon. You have to shoot with the bow and arrows and hit the rabbits or different items. The goal is to kill all the rabbits in levels using minimum number of shots. Nicely made game with intuitive control.

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Bunny Shooter Free Game Bunny Shooter Free Game Bunny Shooter Free Game Bunny Shooter Free Game

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