Captain Strike

Captain Strike

Captain Strike is a 3D action shooter from the first person view where you have to aim and shoot well to take under control all the areas.
Join the multiplayer action with 9 maps, 3 game modes and a lot of action against other players. All is easily and simply controlled. Use virtual joystick and control the movement and shooting, nothing else is needed. Of course you need to aim and keep an eye on the number of bullets you have. All the basic attributes can be upgrades and improved. It still needs some practice to get into the game. The modes offer classic free for all, team death match and special sniper battle. The problem could be not level selection so you can face much stronger opponent even if you are just a beginner. With quiet expensive shop the game may not be for everyone. If any update tackles this the game will be one really great 3D rapid action fun.

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Captain Strike Captain Strike Captain Strike Captain Strike Captain Strike

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