Hungry Shark 3 Free!

Hungry Shark 3 Free!

The second sequel about the shark who eats everything what cannot escape is here. This describes mainly the humans. But you must be careful too and don’t eat the bad ones and you can die thanks starving.
You control the shark, he isn’t nice, cute and he is the worst pet in a block of flats. But he can eat everything that swims. Lean the display and swim under the water to start eating small fish, crabs and turtles. The best part is about eating the people.
The game has solid tempo thanks the never-ending need of food. Later, you should be able to eat bigger fishes. The free version is limited to ten thousand points.

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Hungry Shark 3 Free! Hungry Shark 3 Free! Hungry Shark 3 Free! Hungry Shark 3 Free! Hungry Shark 3 Free!

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Muito obrigado por ter criado esse jogo, sinceramente foi o jogo que marcou minha infância e encontra-lo depois de anos é algo que enche meu...
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