The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

Welcome in a bizarre world where the reality and fairy-tales coexist together. Violence, secrets and tension follow you at every step. Try the next interactive story from the Telltale studio.
You are a tough guy called Bigby Wolf and as his name says, you are in a mysterious world where the fairy-tale characters are real. The game is closest to the adventure genre but in a bit tougher mode so count in action moments. The main and greatest thing here is the story, as you dig deeper and deeper you have to make decisions influencing the storyline. When talking with other characters you choose from various reactions making them remember your choices and behavior leading to the new story ends. Besides the communication and action sequences you have to explore various areas and use items in your inventory.
Wolf among us has a great atmosphere with really good graphics as well. If you have played The Walking Dead, game from this studio as well, you shouldn’t miss The Wolf Among Us as well.

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The Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among Us

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