Clouds & Sheep

Clouds & Sheep

Owning flock of sheep in the style of “Tamagotchi”? This is really something new. Pass missions, change weather, feed sheep, and make them breed. This and more can be found in Clouds & Sheep for your mobile phones.
When I bumped into this game, I thought it’s something for kids. It didn’t take long and I was really enjoying it and I’m not child anymore. You begin with small number of sheep in some corner of the wild nature with few tasks in your hands. The missions are various, some are bout throwing a sheep into the air, feed them, give them some rain water, pair them, etc. If you cannot pass some you can dismiss them and begin with new tasks. Fulfilling the quests unlocks new maps and levels so you can have more pieces of sheep and items. The things can be bought for earned money. The game is easy to play and lasts long. The only con is for 20 MB size.

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Clouds & Sheep Clouds & Sheep Clouds & Sheep Clouds & Sheep

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