Funzy Bloc

Funzy Bloc

A logic game with many levels where you will rotate the whole screen and try to get the balls into the goal without hitting any moving obstacles. Quite brutal for teasing your brain.
You have a marble and goal. The balls can be moved by rotating the whole game desk. The thing moves and you have to plan which direction should be the desk rotated. The level always looks like maze with obstacles. Blue squares soon arrive and they move as well so more planning ahead.
The enormous number of level means game for very long time. Some practice is needed. Personally, I had to get used and understand the game rotation system.

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Funzy Bloc Funzy Bloc Funzy Bloc

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Muito obrigado por ter criado esse jogo, sinceramente foi o jogo que marcou minha infância e encontra-lo depois de anos é algo que enche meu...
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