Paper Blobs

Paper Blobs

Small logic game where you try to use your good slimes to defeat the wrong ones. How? You have to surround the enemy and turn them on your side. You know this principle for sure.
You begin with only two slimes, the same happens to your enemy. Use them with great strategy to spread your member to turn the enemy on your side and capture the border points to keep it forever. The game gets to its end and in this moment you should capture the special squares which can bring you the victory. The intelligence isn’t so stupid you will struggle during few games.

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Twister | 23.10.11 pm31 17:37

We write about new things in the game world as well. So when we have reviewed something what has a new version now, we mostly write a short announcement in the news.

Jan-Terje | 23.10.11 am31 01:37

Hi again. It is a new version with alot of new features since it got reviewd last. What do you mean by putting it into the news?

Twister | 21.10.11 pm31 15:33

Hi, is it a new version or next game (sequel)? If only version, we will put it into the news :).

Jan-Terje | 21.10.11 am31 11:29

Hi, Today i released a new version of Paper Blobs. Could you please review it? Thanks :)


Paper Blobs Paper Blobs Paper Blobs