Global Assault

Global Assault

Put together your own assault unit and get them fighting in this turn-based strategy game with some cool graphics. Upgrade your units and gain precious victories all around the world.
Fight and defeat all the foes in many battles and create the most powerful units ever. It’s only up to your decisions who will fight and when to attack. The game offers more and more difficult missions where you spread the units and have to crush the opposition. It’s all about the turn-based strategy, put the army on the best place and destroy the enemy base. The same thing is done by the enemy so not only position but the stats of your units may decide. Watch the game is it goes or turn automatic mode. However, this will make the fun less entertaining. Vicotories bring rewards and progress. As you go, you will unlock new units but the spots for each mission are limited. So think twice before you create the chosen mix. And of course each unit can be upgrades and new units can be developed. The motivation to play this game is unlocking new content when you level up. It’s a really good strategy game but with some moments of waiting.

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Global Assault Global Assault Global Assault Global Assault Global Assault

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