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Chili Em All

Chili Em All

Jalapeño gunman has peppers bloody low and will protect his chili nymph against raids of hordes of enemies. Killer creatures invade from all sides and have a grudge against both your love, so for you. The attack can serve a variety of weapons that you get from the destroyed gringo bugs. In the next line after deaders remain charges and upgrades for your colts (even if it comes into play even bazooka, grenades ...). So shoot quickly and accurately. Defense provide barricades as well as the weapons is also true that collecting objects become tougher defense objects around your lady. Barricades at every free moment I recommend repair (Q). In practice, the emergence of a combination of wild fire all around inside the square and outside of it (double press directional keys to wall jump), but also the defensive duties. All original style. Have fun.

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Chili Em All Chili Em All

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