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Knight Runner

Knight Runner

The have taken your beloved princess, put you into a cage so it’s time for a revenge. Run, jump on their heads, collect bonuses and run to your love.
Here comes one highscore game where you upgrade your hero to run as far as possible. Your energy isn’t unlimited and number of lives is low so don’t be surprise when you have to run more times. For collected coins you can improve your hero but careful the later levels are hard and the enemies can harm you as well.

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Knight Runner Knight Runner Knight Runner

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01.12.2023 am31 00:14:04

Please dont remove this game , there is no other resource
17.11.2023 am30 06:50:48

08.10.2023 am31 11:20:19

why was this deleted? i really want to play this.
13.09.2023 am30 09:12:56
10.09.2023 am30 07:19:45
10.09.2023 am30 03:27:47

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