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DoDoTom68 61912 / Score Highscores 12.04.14 pm30 16:12
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DoDoTom68 17845 / Score Highscores 31.03.14 pm31 14:06
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Lasanin 35712 / Score Highscores 07.07.13 pm31 13:09
TygrBart 4806 / Score Highscores 03.04.13 pm30 19:32
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janice11 7131 / Score Highscores 03.04.13 pm30 19:23
last update 18.6.2021 02:30:25


Line of Fire

Line of Fire

An enemy island is surrounded and only the last attack is needed. But it’s only you who is going to fulfil two tasks. The first is reaching the airport which must be destroyed and during the fly just destroy everything else.
The whole action shooter game is in paper graphics. All animations, design are really well created and you just remember the boring school moments when you drew the same things. The weapons are good but you won’t avoid the moments where situations turn very chaotic and you just press all possible keys. The game doesn’t take long to finish, it has optimal length.

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Line of Fire Line of Fire Line of Fire