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Ruff N Tumble

Ruff N Tumble

Jump themed action set in excellent retro-styled graphics. You control a guy, who enjoys with his weapons in hand and sprinkles enemies all around, with here and there to find an improvement. To meet the level, you must collect colored balls. Their number is given at the bottom of the screen. Then you open the exit and may continue on, respectively meet the boss. The levels are not only full of enemies, but also platforms, traps and locked doors, which can be unlocked after finding the right key. Jumping is also quite present. After each level - finished room and a boss - you earn a code to enter it on the title screen, so you do not have to start again from scratch, when you return to play the game later. Great fun, with a healthy dose of nostalgia, simply superb.

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Ruff N Tumble Ruff N Tumble

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