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1.DoDoTom681012518.03.14 pm31 17:20
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V tomto měsící zde nikdo nebodoval.
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DoDoTom68 10125 / Points Easy mode 18.03.14 pm31 17:20
DoDoTom68 9680 / Points Easy mode 25.01.14 pm31 17:11
tomasjanota 6015 / Points Easy mode 08.09.13 pm30 13:45
diviška5 1000 / Points Hard mode 25.08.13 pm31 19:23
diviška5 485 / Points Hard mode 25.08.13 pm31 19:19
diviška5 665 / Points Hard mode 08.08.13 pm31 23:56
kenken 1130 / Points Normal mode 18.07.13 pm31 16:16
kuba75 515 / Points Hard mode 26.06.13 pm30 19:11
kuba75 420 / Points Easy mode 26.06.13 pm30 19:09
kuba75 480 / Points Normal mode 26.06.13 pm30 19:04
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Shell Shooter

Shell Shooter

Today, we are going to give you one very special game. If you don’t know we are at Game Developers Session in Prague and if you go or ride around you can visit us
You don’t shoot any targets that are alive. There is need to shoot balloons and artificial targets. Only best players will shine in Shell Shooter, the targets fly almost everywhere and if you hit them all you get a nice bonus. Every hit improves your weapon giving you possibility to shoot faster or more bullets.

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Shell Shooter Shell Shooter

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