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Lady Gaga Saw Game

Lady Gaga Saw Game

Inkagames already written out this type of game on the Obama to come so many other celebrities. Personally, I would let the singer trapped in a house and don't try find a way, but it's quite funny and, as befits the adventure, as well as the tricky puzzles. In initially confused labyrinth of rooms and objects find a related puzzles using the correct object to resolve. There will be also tasks on time, but what I enjoyed most are humorous characters from different realms, that can be seen and if you haven't dealt with them (in the style of adventure that usually involves giving them a specific object, or something to use) after they will smash your head or strangle you. Different kinds of death was probably the funniest thing in the game with me that the main character intrigued. Riddles are not easy, fortunately for the mismanagement of the situation suddenly find yourselves right in front of the place in question.

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Lady Gaga Saw Game Lady Gaga Saw Game

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