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Battle Arkade

Battle Arkade

I haven’t seen so nice looking and entertaining Arkanoid for a long time. Destroy bricks and other objects by balls and use specialties of your platform.
The story is more like bla, bla , bla… the more interesting is the gameplay. The graphics is just amazing and the same thing can be said about the upgrades and explosions. The content is more to the classic. Use a platform and ball to destroy all the objects without letting the ball fall down. The ball can be controlled even in the air and for gained money you can get upgrades and magnet and other special powers.

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Battle Arkade Battle Arkade Battle Arkade

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Muito obrigado por ter criado esse jogo, sinceramente foi o jogo que marcou minha infância e encontra-lo depois de anos é algo que enche meu...
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