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Erline: the Magic Orbs

Erline: the Magic Orbs

Creature called Erline has taken all the light orbs. Get them back in this fine platformer.
Every level is about finding a light orb and reach the portal, this opens the door leading into the next area. But between you and the exit are many obstacles. Cogwheels, holes, spikes, disappearing platforms and more stuff.

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Erline: the Magic Orbs Erline: the Magic Orbs Erline: the Magic Orbs

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lentamente um guisado para escapar de lento radiano para ficar bom da doença challenguiana
04.11.2018 am30 02:16:25

The download does not work anymore :(
28.10.2018 pm31 21:13:33

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27.08.2018 pm31 15:31:23

27.08.2018 pm31 15:31:08

not working :(
18.07.2018 pm31 15:45:44

not working ;(
18.07.2018 pm31 15:44:56

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