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Order Player score Reached on
1.magnosolva935023.04.14 pm30 19:08
2.phanka17408.04.14 pm30 15:04
last update 25.9.2020 03:29:31

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Player score Description Reached on
magnosolva 9350 / Distance (m) Longest Throw 23.04.14 pm30 19:08
phanka 174 / Distance (m) Longest Throw 08.04.14 pm30 15:04
Veininka 8671 / Distance (m) Longest Throw 08.01.14 pm31 22:15
DoDoTom68 20081 / Distance (m) Longest Throw 08.01.14 pm31 13:18
DoDoTom68 15169 / Distance (m) Longest Throw 08.01.14 pm31 13:10
DoDoTom68 6465 / Distance (m) Longest Throw 08.01.14 pm31 13:05
sevilla 18477 / Distance (m) Longest Throw 21.12.13 pm31 14:39
sevilla 9523 / Distance (m) Longest Throw 01.12.13 am31 10:35
pari11 11803 / Distance (m) Longest Throw 28.11.13 pm30 22:31
daviddd 12365 / Distance (m) Longest Throw 26.11.13 pm30 12:07
last update 25.9.2020 03:29:31


Konki Chuck

Konki Chuck

Today, we are going to fly and not only round the countryside. If you play well the stars will be close to reach.
Konki Chuck is a great in flying, so after the shot you can await a nice flight. The goal is getting as far as possible and to get some bonus meters you can use three items that help – rocket, airplane or a car. Some items in the air can make you fly faster or slow you down or even stop. The luck is really needed but because everyone has the same conditions the game is very great for our league.

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Konki Chuck Konki Chuck Konki Chuck

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